lieve shukrani simoens 



with Lies Jo Vandenhende
Writing residency Zomerkaping 2019 in Antwerp

A collection of letters and illustrations exploring a possible relationship between Linkeroever and the city of Antwerp, co-written by Belgian writer and photographer Lies Jo Vandenhende. The end result was a radio play, edited by Anna Dupon.  This project was created during the writing residency Zomerkaping at DeStudio in Antwerp and later on shown at Letterenhuis, during Antwerpen Museumnacht 2019.

Collaboration with Lies Jo Vandenhende
Editing: Anna Dupon
Project support: Anna Dupon; Ilse Cox; Totaal; ZINK; Letterenhuis Antwerpen; Museumnacht Antwerpen
Text written in Dutch

What if cities could talk?
What if places could talk?
What would they say or not say to one another?
What are they? Who are they?
And how are they related to each other?
What would they think, feel or want?
How do they communicate?
Could that even be possible?

Two places, one city. Antwerp.
'Linkeroever' and 'Rechteroever'.
A tunnel that connects and separates them.
Two sisters, writing letters to each other.