lieve shukrani simoens 


with Felix Fasolt
Ongoing Project 

° The methodology of the collaboration between Lieve Shukrani Simoens and Felix Fasolt is rooted in their shared focus on power dynamics within their respective discourses. Their collaboration is partly a parallel exploration of these dynamics, through the different lenses of their discourse. In part, it is a unifying examination of these dynamics.

Lieve Shukrani Simoens considers the individual and interpersonal facets of power dynamics and examines the dogmatic forms of social interaction that define our lives. Felix Fasolt, on the other hand, examines the conflicts that arise from large-scale power dynamics and considers social engineering as its product. His work sheds light on the clashes and tensions generated by these overarching forces.

Both artists share a dedication to facilitating change. Simoens achieves this through an ongoing interaction between the drawing and writing process, and the passage of time, capturing her changing perceptions. On the other hand, Fasolt uses transformative materials such as fat, tin, brass and protein in his films, symbolizing the malleability proclaimed in our society. His work stages transformations and challenges the static and toxically reductive nature of power dynamics.

The collaboration between Lieve Shukrani Simoens and Felix Fasolt starts from the potential of change, where the gap between the large-scale and the personal becomes a tool. Their relationship to the work is the notion of chronic change.