Zomerkaping  Antwerp - 
Project Anna
          with Lies Jo Vandenhende

          Project Fish - I’m water. But different.
          with Evelyn Vanoverbeke

          A Dance with no Rules
          with Lore Stessel 

           Something to begin with  - OHK.
           with Charlotte Boddaert 

° 2023
   Poem ‘Choreography of Stillness’
           Postcard Collab with Lore Stessel
           Exhibition ‘Vague’ at Galerie Les Filles du Calvaire Paris

° 2024 April
  Cabine - ‘Beneath the surface, we are connected’
          with Julie Van Kerckhoven and Robin Hendrix (work in progress)

° 2024 April 
  (work in progress)

° 2024 September
    ‘Templum’ - How to re.connect 
            with Felix Fasolt (work in progress)

                          - with graphic designer Astrid Fieuws (BXL)
Framecollab was a nonprofit gallery of small artworks. A side project of graphic designer Astrid Fieuws. She invited (un)known artists, writers, photographers and illustrators to create a small and unique artpiece. That would be framed in a handmade universalpostcardframe. 

2022 Four Framed Drawings
Ik zie je te vois 
— Graphit on Paper ; 10,5x15cm

2023 Four Framed Drawings 
Words left unsaid, because i didn’t know how to write them down
— Graphit on Paper ; 10,5x15cm

2023 Four Framed Drawings
Aan zee laat ik je los (Voor Rint Dens)
— Graphit on Paper ; 10,5x15cm